Orangestar Logistics’ customers can benefit from our 14 years worth of experience in logistics & transportation. Our specialists work across many vertical sectors, they have real understanding of our customers’ business needs and they can help our customers reach their goals and objectives. Customers can rest assured that our team of experts will always find a solution to any challenges they may face in their supply chains.
Customer Benefits :-

  • Retain peace of mind and reduce risks with the help of experts.
  • Save time and cost to focus on core business.
  • Create new business opportunities.

Retain peace of mind and reduce risks with the help of experts

As an international shipper, you need to be fully compliant with customs rules and regulations. Orangestar Logistics provides you with expertise and support for all regulations.

  • Customs expertise
  • Dangerous goods expertise
  • Expertise in export controls

Save time and cost to focus on core business :

You can concentrate on running your business successfully, while we will take care of transportation. You can trust our expertise in relevant laws, rules and trade regulations across the world.

  • Customs expertise
  • Trained and solution oriented staff.
  • Dangerous goods expertise
  • Pro-active communication on service enhancements or challenges.

Create new business opportunities :

Reach across the world, grow your business within new markets and trust Orangestar Logistics to be timely and efficient when delivering your shipments worldwide.

  • Customs expertise
  • High quality service
  • Worldwide Presence ( through strategic alliance with overseas partners)

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